The Kitchen Window

 03 07 21 nj The Kitchen Window Volunteer to help sometimes Abraham Lincoln said It will not help the poor to join them. – The kitchen. Be careful, love shines bright but chop the vegetables with care. – and it’s okay. some talk and things reveal getting down to cry later the bond is stronger […]


dash 03 082120 nj I have to use these little dashes – to separate the lines – because the word editor here doesn’t easily or warmly welcome poetry – so my friend the dash mark always handy when a comma, period or new thought doesn’t quit express my – halting way of thinking and – […]

moving day

moving day nj 03 08 2021 moving day oh sure. great exercise. let out a shaky breathy sigh – fill, tape, lift boxes more boxes they seem to never quit – let’s get this going if we ever want to get done what joy moving day ——

Headin’ Home

Headin’ Home 03 08 2021 nj I didn’t know you can’t get back you can’t get back to anything you’ve known – overlook we overlook the small things But they’re not small afterall are they? – Can’t go back to bed that breakfast was so good it was so good it should never end – […]

Sleep sleep

Sleep sleep  0227 21 nj Sleep, sleep in a heavenly cloud. Peaceful dreams of gentle sheep Grazing on green and pleasant hills As the soft sky turns slowly And your eyes getting heavy Drift off to sleep Sleep so deep the blanket of down Quietly flows and fills the trees Like a hush hush breeze […]

Out On The Bay

Out On The Bay  02 07 21 nj [featured work] – Is it slow to spend the afternoon out on the bay? The Sunday spell that time is free to give away the gray sky scowls and a chill air blows The murk of water is actually pretty scary – This little boat with chippy […]

My Little Chair

My Little Chair             nj 02 17 2021 -They always really do always say it every generation the news is always too much so when they say it’s the end, and it hasn’t ended I’ll take a seat and think about other stuff. – Times will get crazier many will get […]

Ken Gorilla in the Rue Jungle, The Story

(original text) The Story of Ken Gorilla in the Rue JungleBy Nelson Jenstad As told by Djen Gorilla also known as “Djengo”, who now lives in New Jersey.Introduction: This is the story of “Kengo” Ken Gorilla. He was a gorilla that had an extraordinaryability to change things. However, he only changed the things he saw […]