The Reach

The Reach nj 05 19 2021 The mind reach. The God that we belong to. And God says, but I belong to you. – Our minds breach the distances across atoms and light-years and you – So far far far we can see the biggest galaxy in the universe and a quantum tug strange force […]


4 Rings Around the Moon

Searching the Sky 04 25 2021 nj Searching the sky and I wonder aloud Searching the sky for the feelings I found – Searching the Sun where obscurity shows no reasons why there’s no-where to go – Searching the ground I surrender my blues where the sun rays fall on my traveling shoes – Searching […]

A Wondering of Five

unseen road 04 05 2021 nj there’s another passage beneath our feet no one really sees – it is not the road we think we’re on nor is it so discreet – angles over points beyond some lonely avenue – like sun-ray’s beam and shadows land slight of hand askew – the sunny lane the […]

Flood Tired (plus 3 more)

Flood Tired 03 12 2021 nj Flood Tired I sorta wanna say something but since the shed got swept away you mumbled something incoherent huh? What was that you say? – fruit cup tragic comedy club transfer the sins away sit around and get all fruit cup or just do the damn work today – […]

There’s a few more –

There’s a Second Door 03 11 2021 nj There’s a second door maybe not what you’re thinking not the back, or kitchen door it’s the door no one sees – everybody came out to the field to watch the sky and only watched as clouds rolled by – the door to the sun maybe that’s […]

Addition in the Collection

chronologic – for the most part – Fair Weather House 04 04 2021 nj Fair weather house some leaves blow across the porch and a car down the road makes a soft whoosh noise – Fair weather fortress not really thinking foul weather would ever arrive like it did before – of course the hot […]

The Kitchen Window

 03 07 21 nj The Kitchen Window Volunteer to help sometimes Abraham Lincoln said It will not help the poor to join them. – The kitchen. Be careful, love shines bright but chop the vegetables with care. – and it’s okay. some talk and things reveal getting down to cry later the bond is stronger […]


dash 03 082120 nj I have to use these little dashes – to separate the lines – because the word editor here doesn’t easily or warmly welcome poetry – so my friend the dash mark always handy when a comma, period or new thought doesn’t quit express my – halting way of thinking and – […]

moving day

moving day nj 03 08 2021 moving day oh sure. great exercise. let out a shaky breathy sigh – fill, tape, lift boxes more boxes they seem to never quit – let’s get this going if we ever want to get done what joy moving day ——

Headin’ Home

Headin’ Home 03 08 2021 nj I didn’t know you can’t get back you can’t get back to anything you’ve known – overlook we overlook the small things But they’re not small afterall are they? – Can’t go back to bed that breakfast was so good it was so good it should never end – […]