There’s a few more –

There’s a Second Door 03 11 2021 nj

There’s a second door

maybe not what you’re thinking

not the back, or kitchen door

it’s the door no one sees

everybody came out to the field

to watch the sky

and only watched

as clouds rolled by

the door to the sun

maybe that’s the mystery solved

when you blinded bright

by rays well I don’t know

El Puerto Del Sol

but maybe dimensions

I shouldn’t mention

are playing with fire

Muon behavior

the change of the way

a big light in the night

showing the way to run


Sky Only Gray 04 04 2021 nj

A long walk not on purpose

but for a purpose

had to do about three things

a friends car needs a jump start

if I can find a volunteer

I would really like have a drink of water

the sky is only gray

and I’ve walked into a part of town

I’ve never been here before

I seem to lost my way

where the hell I am

quiet neighborhood

older homes

sometimes a car goes by

not interested in me

maybe if walk where

there is a line in the road

I’ll find a major street


unseen road 04 05 2021 nj

there’s another passage

beneath our feet

no one really sees

it is not the road

we think we’re on

nor is it so discreet

angles over

points beyond

some lonely avenue

like sun-ray’s beam

and shadows land

slight of hand askew

the sunny lane

the grain and warp

and planetary drift

past in space

ten years ago

and how the rays do shift

goodbye to friends

who’ve jumped off then

always you’ll be missed


That’s How I Ain’t Home 04 05 2021 nj

That’s how I ain’t home.

no happy land is gone too far away now

no happy man the song has run away now

that’s how I ain’t home

disappeared down the tracks

sight and sound are gone now

pronounced the Queen

Rome is really done now

the bottle temple

strange as that may sound now

chances are there’s no one else around now

morning comes the land is gone too

like a bleached and barren place

barely left with mist and haze

no trees and now I’m really lost.

well, that’s how I ain’t home now.


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