Posted Video

Yeah, I played a gig (two actually) at the Orange County Fair in summer of 2022. The attempt to capture a good single cam video ran into issues of audio quality (dern it!) – BUT – there were many taped rehearsal of the show and a video of the full set with special visual effects […]


The Good Ship Baffin Bay Album

This is the whole album (actually version 2 for some minor difference) but the idea that the tracks can be heard without interruption as most tracks transition without “breaks” in between them. This hasn’t been easy as an indie artist to publish a “Headphones album” on a streaming platform. But, here it is! Please note […]

i never knew

I never knew 06 14 2021 nj i never knew how much the good people cared – I never knew that my life would be spared – I simply didn’t know there was time for me ahead – I just didn’t know half the things you said – I just never knew who hated me […]

Free Birds

Free Birds 06 08 21 nj Early in the morning before the light fades into the heavy overcast sky that dim gray that cries for some hot coffee – some birds calling pass overhead I cannot see them in the low clouds they don’t care how early it is – one other car further off […]

A Green and Stoney Field, A Collection

A Green and Stoney Field 06 15 2021 nj I may be sleeping under some green and stoney field I may be turning in the giant cosmic wheel Somehow I’ll still be with you when you hear that song Or when your heading busy down that roadway all all alone All the time that never […]

Triple Fool

Triple Catch 04 28 2021 nj We catch ourselves in a sense nearly everyday – except when we are working hard and have nothing left to say – I don’t know when I went wrong was it just the other day – Not so sure when I went bad and surely fell from grace – […]

The Reach

The Reach nj 05 19 2021 The mind reach. The God that we belong to. And God says, but I belong to you. – Our minds breach the distances across atoms and light-years and you – So far far far we can see the biggest galaxy in the universe and a quantum tug strange force […]

4 Rings Around the Moon

Searching the Sky 04 25 2021 nj Searching the sky and I wonder aloud Searching the sky for the feelings I found – Searching the Sun where obscurity shows no reasons why there’s no-where to go – Searching the ground I surrender my blues where the sun rays fall on my traveling shoes – Searching […]