i never knew

I never knew 06 14 2021 nj

i never knew

how much the good people cared

I never knew

that my life would be spared

I simply didn’t know

there was time for me ahead

I just didn’t know

half the things you said

I just never knew

who hated me or why

I didn’t ever show

remorse or care or try

I don’t think I deserve

to blindly go my way

I didn’t care what hurt you

of all things I say

Now too late for tears

the damage I’ve caused

My most grievous fault

Cannot be undone.

Somewhere on the road 07 28 2021 nj

So much to never know

In this world

A person just two hands

A person just two eyes

A person just two ears

Just so many years

Just so many tears

Over time

You might change your mind

You might learn some things

And some things you forgot

You may have lost your way

You may have lost your dream

You have lost your love

Over night

A world full of dreamers

Most are not awake

A many are just schemers

Everything can change

In the blinking of an eye

What happens in a day

There’s much more that’s unknown

Busy on the phone

Working on a lead

Alone inside the head

Get into the car

Disappear from view

Somewhere on the road

06 16 2021 nj

Never Be Normal

There are tigers in the well.

Angry and trapped down there.

The other well has water.

This one has tigers.

If we let them come out,

they will certainly

come after anyone in sight-

and yes, probably kill them.

These are mean animals

and not the trained ones like

you see in pictures,

these are killers.

They will not compromise.

Although they want us to help them.

Then they will destroy us

and things will never be normal.

Why are they so mad?

Throwing them down there,

is that why they are mad?

No, they were mad before that happened.

No one threw them down there.

They fell in there on their own.

In their rage, they made many mistakes.

Blind rage is a lot of trouble for everyone.

06 27 21 nj

If you Saw Through my Eyes

If you saw through my eyes

what would you see?

A thousand old forests

without any trees

a mirror in the hallway

with nothing to show

a river of highways

with nowhere to go

since those eyes are my eyes

we may never know

the distance tomorrow

I surely must go

a fleeting bright moment,

a hope lost in time

the forgotten reasons

I swore to one time

but lost never knowing

I’ll try to again

seek some soul refuge

seek some lost friend

time is an arrow

the direction is clear

colder and colder

the last frozen tear

bright moment please matter

bright moment somewhere

once it was known

for always it’s here

06 27 21 nj Quiet Questions

Ask Yourself Now

what’s all the questions?

What’s the strange times you’re feeling

the night flight of lying?

When does it happen

and it’s right before time.

Right before brains.

right before mind.

The last days behind us

no difference in how

to feelings so buried

so buried in hell

then all our concerns

fall to the wayside

fall to the wastelands

onto landfall and all

indifference is never

if nothing is sought

choices and freedom

the things that you bought

nothing disturbing

I’m dizzy with sight

and turning it over

in mind for the night

Disturbance of nothing

for light-years and ever

a circular reason

my questions are quiet.

06 29 2021  nj 

 There Is Another Way

There is another way

although I am blind

no, my eyes work okay

I just didn’t recognize

that there is another way

the fool who refused to see

the truth laid out before him

that there is another way

with the bottle drunken fool

scared to lead to quiet truth

pretending all the way

most everyone can see, indeed

pain so feared you can’t

stand alone at the other end

of the highway way

way over there

unbound no written rules

were made by the

universe of course

of course, we are just here

you screw up again

and ten times more pain

you reap as your reward

just as you feared

most everyone can see

the embarrassment is beyond

understanding. denial is

the way

but no, no more

there is another way

grow up now

to set your inner child- free.

Mind Disease 06 19 2021

No way there to believe

that perception is askew

a tornado of emotion

bound up inside this view

There’s a whirlwind of folly

and hurricane of hate

disease that’s riding trolley

back since eighteen eighty-eight

Just like an angry rhino

or a narrow-minded jug

who is worked up over nothing

but is clinging to his mug

like an alcoholic rage

that is pounding on the table

but locked inside a cage

although once was fit and able

Just that old grandpappy

so full of shining self and pride

but life was always crappy

until the day he died.

– – – – – –

Eraser me 08 01 2021

Spent my whole life

Finding ways

Where I could get

To write some songs

Call me selfish

I didn’t know

Writing songs

Would be so hard

It takes time

To think of reasons

What to say

That’s worth it’s salt

No one can help

Same for a poet

Your on your own

Just get it done

So your creative

To my exclusion

That’s the illusion

But its mighty thin

For without you

What one can say

Of course there’s nothing

You can say

But at least

You don’t suppose

In all these years

That I got nothing going on

Eraser comes

And all is gone

You can’t be serious

Walk away all is done

Raggy Taggy Man nj 09 20 2021

I hit a million dollars of unlucky bucks this life

but I still gotta sleep when I can’t stay awake anymore

There a single slot to drop into then,

that lonely reflection I’d turn away if I can,

that industrial light that shines through the night

alone with only your own thoughts

But selling that fountain of the rag taggy mind

make ya lost, so lost, so out of your head

but you know the strife, and what do ya think?

And who made those the decision – give up the wheel

who made the decision to drive over the bank

who let go the line, for a helluva deal

When time comes around that you seemed to forget

that comfortable bed that you wish you could get

just dancing with ghosts who don’t give a damn

as though you’re sleepin on stairs, but not really sleepin

Why are you working for nothing so hard

it’s easier for real to work in the yard

Your “boss” comes a calling again and again

you can’t pay for nothin but gotta take one more lend

and your “boss” in your veins sends you out ‘round again

the lonely damn life of a raggy taggy man.

(Dedicated to he who knows who he is)


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