Free Birds

Free Birds 06 08 21 nj

Early in the morning before the light

fades into the heavy overcast sky

that dim gray that cries for some hot coffee

some birds calling pass overhead

I cannot see them in the low clouds

they don’t care how early it is

one other car further off down the road

a reason only they know

it’s quiet but I’m in no mood to wonder why

The air is clean washed without effort

unfair to me that I cannot match that

the scrubbed by the night ocean sky

Drive to work now

another day so here it goes

those birds are  free to fly

– – – – – –

06 01 2021 nj Beasts Stories

Stories of ancient beasts

a mix of three in one

or flying terrible clutching claws

– eyeballs act like guns

scary yes and therein lies

therein lies the rub

helpless mortals must defeat

here, have a two foot club

the mortal one is near defeat

Binochans arm their decks

Mintorans climb the castle walls

Above flies the Pterodrech

Not a chance, there’s no way now

to battle with such foes

the light is dim and the fires die

earth rumbles from within

And from the clouds, a lightning bolt

shrieks the night to day

There on the hill not far away

a seven-headed Brae

but it has come as once your friend

it knows from what is on

Told to hide beneath the slab

but ready just in case

You stand with club in shaking hand

The Yinnshee Ghosts arise

the battlefield shakes the ground

and then to our surprise

From your good life the flowers spring

The allies save the day

then ask they not for some return,

best, honor you the king.

– – – – – – 

05 31 2021 Make a mess


“Let’s keep ‘em down with Chaos

and then we’ll rise above”

except that never works

but makes a mess of everything

no you cannot keep ‘em down

firstly, that’s a crime

you don’t say you don’t see

but you will do the time

and time you will

and then get ill

and still blaming someone else

you want to kill

so last you come and

oh so sorry you’re

only kidding

or that’s your story

the strain too much

yourself to bare

gone to somewhere new

that you won’t share

why not watch out

for number one

without a single care

but then, no does for you

– – – – – –

Everybody Falls 05240210 nj

the canyon walls

the ones inside me

that pressure closes in

the river rises

right after a rain

it gets busy just sayin’

take a breath

your gonna need it

I say to myself

climb the canyon walls?

forget it

everybody falls

– – – – – –

Better 05 24 21 nj

The spring eternal

train of thought

the railroad lines

are crossed

The hope does spring

but hope really needs

some reasons

for it to work

the train is coming

everyone knows

let’s not go there

right now

emergency brakes

the train wheels squeal

and loud with lurch

we pray in church

and hope for better meals.

– – – – – –

And I Can’t Tell 05 24 21 nj

And I can’t tell

the limit reached

the gap is breached

and still will stand with pride

Old Joseph Quincy Wickersham

and Pegleg Willie cried

a song for farthings

birds in flight

A song for a tuppence

in the night

to twillig borogroves delight.

Feed the pigeons alright it will.

Song for a penny

in strange noon light

the sky going green

stay out of sight

when fog passes

things will be alright

whens it going too well

it can be a fright.

– – – – –

The handrail  05 20 2021 nj

ancient men who fought great battles against

invading tribes

wiped out their villages

claimed the lands

for themselves

now wear suit and tie on the streets

and look out of

huge coated glass windows

over the city below

down there

where people make their way

have their car stolen

get pushed down

on the streets

Once a magnificent warrior

holds on the handrail

there is a ramp for the


another bus a thousand cars

and the overcast glare

don’t care if they

make us a little more


a little deaf on the left ear

I stay here for a while

until I get thirsty

then the ten thirty

takes me back to the steps.

– – – – – –

Silence is There nj 05 25 21

Hello Silence are you there?

I guess you’ve left -there’s nothing there.

And then some noise like mashy guitars

and in between the silence cries

and washes up – upon the shore


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