A Green and Stoney Field, A Collection

A Green and Stoney Field 06 15 2021 nj

I may be sleeping

under some green and stoney field

I may be turning

in the giant cosmic wheel

Somehow I’ll still be with you

when you hear that song

Or when your heading busy

down that roadway

all all alone

All the time

that never was

Is hidden in a tune

What was once forever

is coming very soon

I cannot forget you

My love for you is real

even if I’m sleeping

In some green and stoney field.

The Reach nj 05 19 2021

The mind reach.

The God that we belong to.

And God says, but I belong to you.

Our minds breach

the distances across

atoms and light-years and you

So far far far we can see

the biggest galaxy in the universe

and a quantum tug strange force

When we really see it

it won’t be such a shock

but like something never seen

transporter beams

particles holding everything


It will make sense

once we lose our minds

little cave-like brains

And everything is okay

to the universe we belong,

and so it belongs to us as well.

Lull Mudslide nj 05 12 2021

So lost so distracted

so sleep sleep sleep this life away

can’t tell fact from anybody talking

can’t tell dreams from real blood

eyes roll back

so dream dream dream the night away

hit the checks and crosses

mark more boxes, work-a-day

it’s not safe

but it’s okay to think it’s all so

stacked against your ways

the boss, and you give it up for these days

since it will be so damn humiliating

then it’s best to keep on the same old road

you’ve known this way so long

raised a doctor and won’t talk to her

yeah yeah you’re always right now

these lives are fearing otherness nothings

we both know you stand atop the fiction

bluff and bluster moral compass right from wrong

blindside running up a landslide

falling down, the graves in a mudslide

of your denial sleepy angry dreams

and skies of sleepy pearl illusion

nail it shut and sigh.

escapement lost and stained

you say you were just joking?

these are your own graves you made.

– – – – – –

The Ocean and Far Beyond 05 10 2021 nj

The ocean and far beyond

The ocean and far beyond

just a day all the way out there

the weight of water heaving endless fields of gray

Whitecaps bright-work spray into the reaching horizon

and my dreams don’t seem so big right now

a dot upon the grandest scale under the furrowed sky

living as a shadow but with a line, a line to travel

the strong breeze of a good day

and I let go of past ambition to just make it home alive

the sea spray and to me, I’m just in the way

turn the world and all the ocean’s waters

When it all comes down upon us to surrender

ah but just a clever turn to tack the wind

slipping and buoyant crest over each swell

these hours on the sea and under inner silence

realize existence but a sweet illusion my demise

no real rules ever mattered except maybe for this line

the ocean far and beyond, days lost but yet to deal

the deviation so unpredictable and real.

– – – – – –

Well, That’s The Plan  05 07 2021 nj 

This background voice calling me to stay

I gotta go

yeah I gotta go

this voice says to stay forever

stay on you need to learn that one for winter

It’s fun while the sun shines and the instrumental plays

round and round stay on

a drunken global masquerade round merry go round

just stay and play convincing but losing grip

I left, but the voice still tries to play

stay intoxicated. y’know, you were never, like, this lost in early grades

now the beauty is what feeds on the squads

not many are left standing now, who stayed

right here animals suffer and die for our parade

indulgent selfish pointless masquerade

not thinking positive but maybe being alone-

is a bad idea.

the hearts’ desire is to belong

even if you want, you can’t just lay down and die

right here, but it’s wrong, and by the time you cry,

you would rather stay forever and sing for some golden masquerade

lost the grip but now it doesn’t matter anyway

right from the start who is saying we will never die?

the beauty unfolds a plan that’s much more stupid, but far better than mine.

– – – – – –

The Leaner nj 05 06 2021

Kookabura sits in the old gum tree
Radio scratchy night
Old road one eighty eight
The only light is my headlights

A shadowy figure leaning at a
signpost buried in shadow
I pass by
no way. Nobody there

It’s just too far
from anywhere
for someone to be out here

I think the leaner
is in my car now
only a shadow man
hopped in as I drove by

sing Kookabura sing
a leaner hey where
did you come from
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
– – – – – 

thumbnail images courtesy of wikimedia commons

Underneath 05 05 2021 nj

Blue skies

a few puffy clouds

to coast highway

and a blue and white fishing boat

green hills

and shops and homes

laughing kids

on bikes

Underneath there is

something going on

like a deep

barely audible rumble


there is a motion

why is it so?

why is it so mean?

Why did my kid

take the hit

all his piss poor choices

time ravaging the good

underneath a chance

to survive

but no one is allowed there

stupid honesty is priceless

– – – – 

Your Cattle Car Blues 05 04 21 nj

So there is no solid ground then

or stable floor for at all

not that there couldn’t be

it’s just better to keep

the steerage on unstable footing

No, that’s not my opinion

it is my observation

the treatment we’ve been


into cattle cars

Somebody enjoys the advantage

they know it isn’t right

but little sleep is lost

the shade is thrown

on the future

but okay here’s the thing

for one to have it all

and deny the hearts and souls

someday Santa Claus

only brings the coal

so funny don’t think

fighting off loneliness

that’s the worst thing of all

okay you can play that game

you go fetch the ball

you know who you are

present company excepted

we’re talking about the echo

we’ve sent ringing down the hall

to the damned, then it won’t matter

nothing then, to lose

nothing left to hold

the winner got the spoils

sore losers just go home-less

so proud, bully, huh?

One day comes

oh who gambled it away

join the ranks you made

it is maddening you say?

here, have a piece of my bread.

– – – – – –

Working Class Citizen 05 03 2021 nj

 Most folks are willing to work hard

for the things they have.

For working hard

you shouldn’t get

taken advantage of

hit with some scam

some sneaky trick to steal your value

or broken into

You should be able to

work hard

be able and allowed

to make an honest living

to have a place to live

a decent life

for your family.


can say they

want to hurt me

because they don’t

like the way

I look

or talk

or what I do

I just

want to be able to go home

be safe

have something to eat

and take care of myself

without getting hassled.

America in the twenty-first century,

this is way too much to ask for apparently.

Avoid 05 02 2021 nj

Laundry and other problems

take a halfway decent morning

and get some lifting done.

Am I dysfunctional to not

want to go through

the mail?

I do it anyway

try to get on the other side

of the chores

The sun has moved

a little further

afternoon arrives

A little overcast

more errands

hiding behind more errands

A fairly nice day

just another day of life

I am programmed to waste

so I am not dysfunctional

and avoiding tasks

and just writing poems

– – – – – –

One Afternoon 04 29 21 nj

Who are they?

To make us feel this way,

and take away our chances

because they can.

You cannot compete

with me he said

so scared, but then to

cause us hurt

They can fire

everything in

a silver spoon

and not blink

the trial-way


is coming

down the line

They can lie

to us when

they are out

one afternoon

I’ve never heard

such lies

rule this world

within hate

I hope

to the end of time

to walls

have a smile

you can feel

every night

and the trees

won’t talk

crossing lines


they can read

my freedom

but I can roam

transmission free smear

genetics I’m here

where no wish has ever been

well, can you feel me now

who is really falling in slow motion?

pinned down face to take to show, too late, yes

crossing twine and tripped, feel me now, too late now.

– – – – – –


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