Triple Fool

Triple Catch 04 28 2021 nj

We catch ourselves

in a sense

nearly everyday

except when we are working hard

and have nothing

left to say

I don’t know

when I went wrong

was it just the other day

Not so sure

when I went bad

and surely fell from grace

There was a time

I turned around

and saw a blinding light

There was me

the fool I found

hiding in plain sight

those wasted years

those aimless days

my self-indulgent life

so to redeem

a triple fool

yeah that’s where I stood

older sense

I feel it all,

with love and gratitude

– – – – – –

Where 04 27 2021 nj

Exhausted and disturbed

sights and sounds

the pictures don’t have time

to reflect

don’t pray empty prayers

you can still be


going through the motions

the creator

the universe we live in

may not be

the same universe

but it isn’t a different one


the light years

the traveled time

we don’t know

where we are

in time

or in space

you are here

and there, a dot

on the spiral arm

of our galaxy

– – – – – –

Film Company 04 26 2021 nj

The old film projector

rattled along as the images

warbled on the screen

Believing the world will

happen before my eyes

while I safely watch from here

but I don’t know a thing

you have felt the quake

as we all did

lonely and nervous

people still make

your heart whisper

familiar gets lost

that is an overcast sadness

as afternoon dims away

I will drift forever

in unfamiliar streams

my roots are torn away

The film at least reminds

my sadness,

had some company once

– – – – – –


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