Flood Tired (plus 3 more)

Flood Tired 03 12 2021 nj

Flood Tired

I sorta wanna say something

but since the shed got swept away

you mumbled something incoherent

huh? What was that you say?

fruit cup tragic comedy club

transfer the sins away

sit around and get all fruit cup

or just do the damn work today

why in hell- they called you in

to work and get it done

blow your friday paycheck

can’t remember, that much fun

rumble life in some old truck

did you sign up for this?

No more farm now since the flood

and no one your gonna miss

Can we give up especially when

this non exisiting life is gone?

I know you’re so tired, all of us

well, I was gonna say, if you did and so on

Afraid of Being Lonely 03 17 2921 nj

I am at some cold night cliff

Overlooking  the trail you’ve left in space

The earth and sun hurtle through the galaxy

And the galaxy hurtling through the infinitude

My soul screams to you

Don’t go!!

A few little stars

Is all that looks back

When it’s my turn

It seems you will be

Light-years away

And so that’s it then

I don’t blame you, really,

I’m just afraid of

being lonely

And for you, too.

Almost a Year 03 19 2021 nj

The tall tree makes a long shadow

 that goes way down the block.

Time has flown and how the illusion

 of Moment seems so slow

A man gets up from the bench

And walks away down the sidewalk

Some birds still fusing

Before sunset arrives

The Eastern sky is beginning to darken

Some windows reflect

The orange sun in the West

And then that mood cannot be stopped

Emptiness where no fullness

Was expected

Slow to turn from day to night

But it’s been almost a year already

Down and Up  03 30 2021 nj

After so much time has passed along

the quiet streams or avenues bright

of days and nights  and seasons so,

these times and mornings dreary

No person can just stay as still,

static and unchanging.

like molecules in motion’s throws

to go from time’s far ranging

to rise again in strength and striving

effort, work is not a thought

yet bones deep creaking will ignore

and if giant trees are weary

as person going up their days

or a person going down

for one night of sleep in some warm bed

and the sky wheels ever ‘round 


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