A Wondering of Five

unseen road 04 05 2021 nj

there’s another passage

beneath our feet

no one really sees

it is not the road

we think we’re on

nor is it so discreet

angles over

points beyond

some lonely avenue

like sun-ray’s beam

and shadows land

slight of hand askew

the sunny lane

the grain and warp

and planetary drift

past in space

ten years ago

and how the rays do shift

goodbye to friends

who’ve jumped off then

always you’ll be missed


That’s How I Ain’t Home 04 05 2021 nj

That’s how I ain’t home.

no happy land is gone too far away now

no happy man the song has run away now

that’s how I ain’t home

disappeared down the tracks

sight and sound are gone now

pronounced the Queen

Rome is really done now

the bottle temple

strange as that may sound now

chances are there’s no one else around now

morning comes the land is gone too

like a bleached and barren place

barely left with mist and haze

no trees and now I’m really lost.

well, that’s how I ain’t home now.

Fair Weather House 04 04 2021 nj

Fair weather house

some leaves blow across the porch

and a car down the road

makes a soft whoosh noise

Fair weather fortress

not really thinking

foul weather would ever arrive

like it did before

of course the hot sun

concentrated down

the entire neighborhood cried

and ran for shade

fair weather house

did not take insults well

like hail on blustery days

and that tornado nearly, …

well the sun shines again

for few minutes

time to forget all that

bad wolf weather

but just kidding of course

I’ll be around back

installing shutters

that actually shut.


04 03 2021 nj

Take Modern Man

Take modern man

feeling for the door

lying in a pit

lying on the floor

take modern man

holding over others

taking what he can

suffer them than him

take modern man

this goes back forever

opportunist plans

a dreadful life discover

when things fall then in pain

and  losses slip through hands

angels bow their heads

and take modern man apart

only lost at sea?

what a comfort that would be

un-tethered soul to float away in space

adrift among some random stars


03 30 2021 nj

A Wonder

A dwelling built for Ishtar

across the virgin snow

the dogs are pulling steadily

the conflict far below

across the night the endless trail

and wounded all alone

in this big space and blowing cold

and doubts of seeing home

across the thresholds of unknown

the dogs are raising howls

from what they sense

as we enter blizzard snow

across the seventh plane of Ishtar

and claws must do or die

a conflict from beyond our spirits

a wonder we are here.


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