4 Rings Around the Moon

Searching the Sky 04 25 2021 nj

Searching the sky

and I wonder aloud

Searching the sky for

the feelings I found

Searching the Sun

where obscurity shows

no reasons why

there’s no-where to go

Searching the ground

I surrender my blues

where the sun rays fall

on my traveling shoes

Searching the sea

unto dry land amen

and no one was found

lost souls of those men

and after the flood

I surrender my quarry

and in my remiss

I shall not glory

Searching the heavens

shake my fist at the sky

I fight for a chance

to understand – why.

– – – – – –

Lost as Ever 04 17 2021

There is a starfish in this tide-pool

trapped until tomorrow

A day goes by and so the sea

returns again to follow

I walk along the sand and find

oh look the ocean’s gems

of seaweed and a couple shells

the story has no end

Sparkles dance on top the sea

forever and a day and then

the starfish free and somewhere now

yet I’m as lost as I’ve ever been


Physically, The Sun 04 12 2021 nj

I can’t believe my mind is able to take the sun

but of course the material side is moot

I can’t believe you burn bright like the sun

but speaking in these terms

well you know what it means

and the sun gives us life and warmth

and gets harsh

without knowing we’re even here

makes us cry from above

kills us, too.

the sun must do what it does

is it in some living dimension?

physically the sun

is everything and yet

thoughts seem to be our own.


Rings Around the Moon 04 11 2021 nj

Just about enough

turned out to be

way to much

to err on the side caution

or care on the side of all

just waiting in the hall

Floating in the center

all sides are lined with trees

a candy bar name is far away now

I miss the moon

although nothing normal there

roots in the universe

The belonging belongs

to the whole thing,

not to be personal about it



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