Ken Gorilla in the Rue Jungle, The Story

(original text) The Story of Ken Gorilla in the Rue JungleBy Nelson Jenstad As told by Djen Gorilla also known as “Djengo”, who now lives in New Jersey.Introduction: This is the story of “Kengo” Ken Gorilla. He was a gorilla that had an extraordinaryability to change things. However, he only changed the things he saw […]


Forever nj01 26 21 Holding a candle to the moon, summer was melting away. the gentle touch of coolness breezed beyond the tides and campfires. I could fall into a reverent sleep. but the games are still washing up in waves of laughter like the night sea I sit by the dying fire to think […]

The Eyes of The Sun

The Eyes of The Sun nj 01 28/2021 The eyes of the sun couldn’t care less our cheapness names of country stars creeping shadows cross the dead eye dreams of dollars until we walk the storms of mars and I have walked through fire aeons passed the long forgotten corridors and rivers littered with broken […]

It’s Been Forever

Wow! What a hit in the gut 2020 has been. It’s 2 days before Halloween, a Blue Moon, and everything in life is upside down and backward. A guy on the radio said the world is grieving. Yeah, I can relate having just lost my Mom in September (not to COVID-19 at least, but to […]

Safety’s Danger

Danger and Safety. Okay, just can’t, just can’t stop doing the arts work. That would be like stopping a fruit tree from baring fruit – it shouldn’t be done, or that would mean the tree is killed. So “Danger”. But all I really want to do is keep producing art/music media works. I envision profound […]

Recent Performances

Just played at Orange County Music Dance in the black Box Theatre – Oh! Nice Venue! (Image further below was outdoor show at Santa Ana Art Walk, in January 2018)