Alien Furniture (Poetry Vault)

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This is a collection of poetic pieces by Nelson Jenstad and are a part of the OntoLand resources. These may not be used without permission.  Please contact through this site if you would like to use these works publicly in a reading, recital, publication or other media.


Broken Flames   1117 NJ2018



Flames. Paradise has been given to flames

Broken. I will stay broken for long time

No, the flyers got free

They don’t want pity now

If anything you gotta live, and live strong and hard


As I am given the pain of heat

I demand that my survivors make the best of it

It’s ok do it for the hive

At this point all is lost otherwise

at this point all really is lost otherwise




Garden   2018 NJ 1101


When I was little you gave me

A really hard push on a swing

I have been flying ever since


the buena vista marked my senses

grace took my standards apart

my daddy passed out on the garage floor

hamburgers spilled around too


not his fault it started raining.

Tonight I walk. Ignore relevance.

Things I cannot heal

Or ever heal from


again the day arrives

the devil buried me again

and I still get up and walk

I don’t even want to.


Sleep comes poorly

In sleep is that land

where once true love flowed

I destroyed the garden and feel bad



Alone   NJ1026 2018


I been wrong

To die with sword in hand

Children can be spared

I’ll be damned


Children crying

People passing even though

We ain’t clear

Crying even though we are wrong


A letter slave

blocked my chest

and a two inch screen

For killing time


Oppressed and I

Was just selected

Spat out the



Forget heaven

Tide is out

Even though a great battle

Even though we’re alone




Rest Assured   P2018 NJ 1004


Somebody’s gotta move across the end

feeling the loss the dying of the dance

let the feeling oh truth, the truth you wanted

join the bringer of men to die in war and street


in shame I shudder to the bone

seclusion and pain I want to hear nothing

a real neat place and tied with a string

left me crucified, left me, really thoughtful guys


untrue they cried denied and miss the ones who died

wasted earth tainted sky and breath

just sleeping yeah that’s all but they had died

the sting is there but long it hides


so rest assured within the drifts and haze

celebrate the wrongness of the feelings

and here’s the end so move across

rest assured the heart to keep inside is yours.




Missing Page   P18 NJ 0917



Are we lost?

Lost like everyone is?


Take your heart to fall

Fallen for a love that is

never gonna happen


Runnin’ like a fool

I’m to slow to run

so my life is missing a page


So take your heart

You better go now

This one has fallen like a fool


How lost is this life

here in this world?


spiral through the darkness

from somewhere in space

a few seconds further


Is heaven somewhere far away now

far behind us

have we left it far behind


on a missing page

we will never know

we spiral through no-where


is this our lost times

missing pages we fall





Bright P18 0902 NJ


A reach to find the place where

Nothing strange is there

Illusions is a place to see

Today the world is a strange cat


Not the same and there never was

Hideous behavior

When given a world

Where it need not be


Learner stuck in a complicated box

Give up without thought

The mirror, inside we are caught

And the two who never talk


Wild a rope is slung about

Catch a victim or two

Then again there’s things you can do

Be a light in your eyes the light is bright.


Spooky  P18 0902 NJ


Abandoned the real substance and matters

of a somewhat stable but creative life


And tossed out on your ear

to face the beasts of the world


But no real good reason why

other than that blind eye to human links


Why why there are words to gather

In the dusty whirling that is your mind


Ah but where we?

While all those others who could have helped


Those barred from your graces

And so very much unreal?


And further wrong dreams land you

In the pit of hell


It was really someone who is plotting

In your paranoid constructs


That really was never there

To attack and steal your millions


That you really have nothing

Worth all that trouble for some nonexistent spook anyway



Should’ve Listened    P18 NJ 0930


Should’ve listened

Didn’t see. Didn’t give a damn.


Put down by a wall

Consume the gin

Should’ve taken back

But no reflection

Forsaken shadow

Consume the oaks

The earth

All the reasons to cry

And a thousand more

The machines

And contradictions

And beat them down

And never turn back

Never listen.


Should’ve listened.



Stolen P18 NJ 0827


For some reason

I gotta climb that trail

Take a fighting reason

Over the mountains of the mind


Oh no it’s not so easy

Just hills not mountains

Stark blue sky

one puff of cloud far off


thoughts of being brave

leave me a lost man

babysitting a bad dream

teardrops could be ready


puffed up courage

a great thought but then

a bunch of absence

has stolen my life’s plans




Mr. Charming p18 NJ0821


Mr.Charming and it could be me

all those demons in the streets

like junkie zombies

all hope further than believed


saw some stars that killed her

fading fast and faster than that

but they are all the same stars

in the sky, never moving


more useless now

had hope once she thought

half asleep the bus stop night

police drive by to somewhere more important


friends are not so much

as long as they mind their biz

really, there is a way

to give up is harder, much harder.



Scramble Games P18 NJ0818


The planning board

Silent underwater

In tunnels and behind the moon

Pour you a nice coffee

Get you to rely

Take your hard earned cash

Leaving you to cry

Leaving you to die

Fighting, they hope I never stop

Because I don’t know how

How to play their game

Tires gas insurance and I play

Making ends meet

That have never met

The soul yearns for other light

This struggle is a worthless one

Scramble games

In deadly streets

Steely towers unconcerned

Not that the clerk liked you

Some control is lost

and other gained.



The Price P18 0816


Oh I’m really gonna pay this time

and so why the fear of friendship?

Losing myself sinking deeper

Jones Locker deep below


But for what it’s worth

and before the flower fades

Tum tee tum losing my mind

My singing mind in ha ha, low loneliness


Big rivers flow into sleep

away from me and so so deep

away from where you finally break

the lights go out and hard ties let go


as a weather worn ship

then, what tomorrow brings

so very far the river flows, then

breaks away unmoored into the sea


No longer of the time that I’de

well, rather not say

Away from where I finally break

Turn the clouds, lost against the rivers flow


And what made me believe?

While still, the flower fading

You turn the clouds away

The sudden change tomorrow brings



Time is Short P18 NJ0731


Burning in the minds sleeping eye

Could’ve been a dream

But thunder broke the spell of sleep

In planetary keys of changing rhyme


My brothers and my sisters

This path is worn and jagged

Between today and torch of night

You losers cut it short and tight


They just wander around

And blame on you for choosing

But nowhere is the right so wrong

you’ll carry that crutch everywhere you go.





 Fall    P18 0805


Sometime you will use your wishes

In the face of pain and saying goodbye

In secret wisdom, come forth oh yes

It’s just not some cold wind you recall


Strange today, like some final time

but not

the given words fall into a lie about life

and shouting the serpents purpose in the clouds


that face that face of pain

saying baby you’re going to get it

well I’ll hide behind the store

a breath of love is lost in eternity


so lost so lost  taught to rot

bound and cast in days left aside

a steady state, a star, a fall of stars

it looks cloudy outside tonight


So Alike   P18 NJ0731


You, alone with silence

Remembering forever

But I can hear you cry

In the decaying moonlight

No harsh revelations

Or rage born of righteous fears

A tiny seed of truth

harbored in a shell of illusion


don’t know how to love

tired pigeons and tv shows

so fly into the rising sun

of side effects and full of drunken fools


turn again the setting sun in a beat

how love, yeah how love will make you

– make you sing and cry and shake

until we see were so alike


Less Useless        P18NJ0803


Everything to the night

The oceans turn

And infamy sings a lowland song again


If a clean life was the wish

In angst the terrible truth to hard to say enough

My hearts divided in sad songs


Everything to bring me speechless

Uncontained we left that hotel was useless

And Jesus’ blessings headlights glare in the driveway


Childhoods heavy fog returns

Though I felt the loveless starry sky

And to the night forever turn my wishes meaningless


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Can’t Wait Here

Unfair Game

Screaming Underwater
Fall Forever
A Spark in the Blue
She Sleeps in the Window
Trails From My Hand


Legend   P18 NJ 0729


The legends and sympathy are about over

Nice idea but while

I hold a tea-cup

and acknowledge the beautiful children


remember the guest will arrive soon

someone is waiting in the van

well well well keeping a broken heart in a jar

as the night falls and love never calls


I have turned to stone

Last words, no echo, fall dull

Strained a bit too much

A guess towards the fading light


Lean in to hear last words

Alone is how it’s going again

Harmony to memory is fine and it’s okay

This heart has not broken the haze


Legends. Sympathy.

By every indication

Remember, if they are nuts

serving our heroes over the windy night



Can’t Wait Here   NJ072918


But I can’t wait here

My days make me bleed

The truth of these days makes me bleed from my heart


But I could not hold on here

Secrets possessed by the sea

But the spirits inside


I can’t face you yet

Feel like I might not make it

Destiny changing with each word now


yeah yeah options for the madness of truth

We are all killin’ the world

And joking that it’s okay


Some wolf has us in the spell of its teeth

A shell of truth and I’m aching

About to crack


We cant just wait here confused

Musically blessed but lost

In a trance




Unfair Game  p18 0613 Nelson Jenstad

Did you hear the ocean?

Before the dawn

this soil of life’s game

my heart beats fast, glad I got away


and hey your demons that are not

inside this game, well,

you know she’s sorry

she put you off, but this one is yours


who settled, toiled here for years

no, not your haunted fame

nothing you’ve done or gave

left only demons to your name


couldn’t hold ‘em on the outside

but you could’ve gone back in.

no grace. so restless. it’s no wonder, man

your stupid rage won that unfair game


Screaming Underwater P17 0222 Nelson Jenstad


Winning in a sludge

Now I hear your footsteps

Wish the way we judge

Now I know what love means


No one takes back the harvest

The young they came to save

Pay a price they cannot pay

Like screaming underwater


The desert now is empty

Last words were spoken

You can change position

Just by moving around


Try and talk to time

The last time was empty

Deaths old wicked face

Gonna make us pay the price


We know since the first steps

We witnessed the siege

Bleeding fists that pay the price

Asking for requests alright


 Fall Forever   P17 0220  N. Jenstad

Cannot abide

Feeling like now everything is wrong


Another bridge

I cannot decide to go across


if I look inside

The bottom of forever

waits and why am I

Afraid to say I care

and fall forever


I still deny

Nothing left to lose or gain


not right now

Or should I say I don’t know



A Spark in the Blue  P17 0217 N. Jenstad

A spark in the blue above

Stuns my thoughts and breath

I ignore it’s light

A flash burns with a snap

Concerns me not

For what I saw

Don’t know why

Some starlit burst

Has made me cry

A spark in the sky

No it can’t be

I’m not ready


She Sleeps in the Window  P17 0101 Nelson Jenstad


Soon the sunset

Takes away our day

Still hypnotic the suns ray

And she sleeps in the window


Inside the trance await

The archers by the columns

Face the late day light

Burnished in cruel years


Lost inside the window

Sunlight cheers

The colding day

Awaken, slips away


Trails From My Hand   P17 0101 Nelson Jenstad


What if all you had to do

Was find a path

Where all there is

Are foot prints from the past


The reason of the river

Turns a corner by the cliff or

Waves break

upon the sand


trails from my hand

and rhymes

of times to come

and almost all my life

and almost all my life


What if all you had to do

Was find a path

Where all there is

Are foot prints from the past


trails from my hand

and rhymes

of times to come

and almost all my life

and almost all my life


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Patience Angel
War Machine
One Good Friend
Your Curse You Cannot Feel
Cause Now You Understand
Her Blade Is Jealousy
Walking on the Roof
Shy Boy
Shadow Echo (echo men) 
Dancing Monsters
Kings of Sand
Gemstone in the Rain



Patience Angel       by Nelson Jenstad

(P16 0814   based on poem Mercy Word)


I know I know I know

I only lied to myself

Made myself so wrong

move now through these times


And hey you told me

no meaning here

no mercy for fate

no compassion for fear


Patience Angel


I know I know I know

No meaning comes from here

Have patience, angel

These words echo in my ear



War Machine   Nelson Jenstad  P16  0629


Reform Deform

Bite my lip and

Stay the morning-side

Tuff it out and still beware.


Searching for the dawn

The rosey light of dawn

From the side of before

The likes of Richard prior


Voices sing tonite

Never rest but penetrate

The young witch

Is filled with spirit


Spin a free society

And the free and the brave

Walk a path to perdition

The things we left unsaid


Winning me and yet

I sleep with hunger pains

The dwarven war machine

Can’t climb the wall to heaven



One Good Friend   P16 0629  Nelson Jenstad


Everyone wants you to think they’re great

To think they’re fine

To think they’re swell


Nobody wants to lose a sale

To go to jail

Or go to hell


Everything is fine and it will be alright

It will be just great

You will win the fight


Nothing to worry

Why we’ve got your back

We will wave your flag


Now down the road sayin’ what’s your name

Never heard of y’all

There just ain’t time


They got my dollar and forgot my name

Well it’s just a lie

So dare to play that game


If you got one friend

If you just got one friend

If you just got one friend

If you just got one good friend



Your Curse You Cannot Feel  Nels Jenstad  P16  0627


The curse that talks to fire

Can you resist your heart?

Let’s stop. You tell me.

Oh yeah. I see the steel.


The curse of life’s loss of control

And your page of life is showing

And the steel in the peoples’ eyes

Empty passage so long were going


Daring drivers banished souls

Bound in wire bound in fire

Resist the sickness, crawling

Curse that drives and is for hire


The curse that talks to fire

Heavenly creatures great and small

And banished in the snow

Trained to kill and that is all


A curse that marks the soul

Walk away now and that’s all

I’m hearing switches turning off

A day from you to call.



Cause Now You Understand    P16  0627  Nelson Jenstad


No comfort do I find

As I ride through glorious night

The sea to this time

To the shore by night


I tried to make it right

From the sands of mourning souls

Formless unknown depths

Lost from all control


Flames of anything

You wish it wasn’t true

Cause now you understand

This night it came too soon


The rain a mess I ride through storms

And formless pouring rain

A torch of oil burns the night

And my horse pulls at the reigns


I know the sea is closer now

My farewell to the past

A sandy grave where keys were tossed

A flag high on the mast


You knew I left with out a chance

And my most foolish plan

To run across the burning sun

’cause now you understand



Her Blade Is Jealousy  P16 0611 Nelson Jenstad


While I am smitten

Now be as brave as you can be

My life force never given

Kissed a lot of death’s whites horses


Wasn’t easy

That moment of heaven

Never worth the price you paid


Feel so good now

A messed up comment

Seeing as how

You went berserk later on


And it wasn’t easy

I stumbled forever

With your sword through my soul


To pay for a moment

Like something not worth nothin’

With the life left away forever

Pull the jealous blade out again



Walking on the Roof    P16 0611  Nels “Nelson” Jenstad


She don’t telephone me

On the wings of yesterday

I try to improve

to see what it would bring


do you remember

how much walking

we did to hang out


You know I called last week

And who ever helped you out

Now I’m the black birds

Walking on the roof


Do you remember

How we were talking

When we hung out


Those kids hated us

And made us proud

And never very sorry

Every person in your life


Night after night

And when the telephone rang

And wings upon the roof



Shy Boy     P16 0607  Nelson Jenstad


I am just a shy boy

And I’ve run away before

When I try to get along

And everything goes wrong


gotta hold back my emotion

swinging door and stepping through

so close that was so close

but remembered what to do


Time is like pistol

I don’t want to hurt nobody

Or even crack a crystal

Make a mess up someone’s world


I am just a shy boy

Just escaping from myself

These same old thoughts

Revolving doorway how can I make it stop


But I was young and stupid then

My monkey brain was just a mess

I could’ve took a breath and guess what

Clear the road ahead


Tip all my angles forward

Toward a moment coming hard

It’s the big one, it’s the bad one

And there’s nowhere now to run




Shadow Echo (echo men)         P16 0514 Nels Jenstad


Shadow of a moon in leaves

Press in closer cannot quite see

a man in grief

I rub my eyes in disbelief


Shadow of Mantauk

Children of the clean slate

a noggin full of nothin’

here is a little taste


oh oh working in the garage

making a hot rod super stinger

oh yeah perfect and it holds a charge

reflecting feedback amplifier


shadowmen following up your mind

shadow research minus R.O. I.

Echo brainless art full of lies

Shadow monster deep inside


oh oh working in the garage

making a hot rod super stinger

oh yeah perfect and it holds a charge

reflecting feedback amplifier



Dancing Monsters  P16 0514  Nels “Nelson” Jenstad


Beyond the breaking mixture, the story never ends

silent cries and whispers, the final trip I’ll make

beyond the final fire smoking steel-hearted ones

silent screams of marching columns forces us to break


beyond that silhouetted crest the steel-hearted ones

tearing through the countryside and hours running out

silent staring forest dark, dancing monster suns

your anger brought the choices made. Of this there is no doubt.


What a time before this storm but now it just so late

Cities burn and let them eat a decorated cake

Set the day the hour and now steal away your fate

A poor campaign from high above was so obviously fake


Captured lies on data files but access is denied

The pulse that takes it all away sent from the monster suns

And from the ruins once again the elements get stranger

Danger slides a bit too far, the fortunes lost its run



Kings of Sand   P16 0506 Nels “Nelson” Jenstad


Playing the king diamond

Empty waking dream

It’s a situation

and you got the solution


yeah it’s comin down to this

yeah it’s comin down to this

a stack of plans – never seem to work

like wolves diablo unopposed


a country of discord

and no freaking wonder

the ghost of your last meal

is behind you at the wheel


yeah it’s comin’ down to this

yeah it’s comin’ down to this

a bag of plans – never seem to work

like wolves diablo unopposed


a buried light beneath us all

burns so hot and souls to scorch

of the darkest lights in me just riding to work

tomorrows mind hold high your torch


yeah it’s comin’ down to this

yeah it’s comin’ down to this

a flock of lambs – never seemed to work

combat wolves diablo unopposed


Situation will consume us all

and tomorrow, might just see tomorrow

the sky with no-one home around us now

if it feels good then don’t look in the mirror


yeah it’s comin’ down to this

yeah it’s comin’ down to this

a flock of lambs –the swarming solution

came down to this, diamonds only sand



Gemstone in the Rain   P16 0506 NJ


In a state of grace

You never hold in mind

An easy life, a royal smile

An hour of your time


Threw away so many days

Damnation swollen mind

Threw away my soul with kisses

But caught the fisher’s line


And the world isn’t won

And we may go insane

under blinding days of sun

and the emperor of pain


threw my days with no look down

grace is lost for worlds insane

and the world isn’t won

just a gemstone in the rain


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Red Red Moon
Return to What has Never Been Before 
Staring Out
Turner Hall 
She Don’t Care
Only Came to Rest
Forgetful Blue
Someday I
Cast My Way
Dark Road
Wings of Restless Dreams
The Solvers
No Longer Soon
Winters Tell
While Tears



Red Red Moon                      2016 0428 Nelson Jenstad


Just another jar another rounder

A hotel bar and all freedom of choice

A thousand roses and you’re in the race

There’s no freedom  just more noise


It’s gonna be alright

I am like empty hands

As though we turned to stone

It’s like a red red moon


A tool for control alarms are flashing

Let your demons work you

Like a fool driving in a human stream

I’m leaving my own, the ice house owns you


It’s gonna be alright

I am like empty hands

As though we turned to stone

It’s like a red red moon


What different reality and looking back

The hotel bars your life could still

your life could still

could still be beautiful



Return to What has Never Been Before                 Nelson Jenstad 04 22 2016


Anticipation factors in a hollow void

Burrow with the anger underneath a blur

If to know none of my disdain but slowly deepens

See my life revolve around me on the sky


That college park vapor wafting liars

Use it till its nothing running cold

Assassinate what comes again with style

return to what has never been before


Serious to take me now with crows

Hey hey super now is big with super mercy

And in your mind the dying crying weakly

The fierce and unforgiving chanting piercing


Mad at nothing try to hide that smile

Anticipation cupid scolds your scowl

Damaged from the human consequences

Hey, still cant quit this hollow human style



Staring Out                  Nelson Jenstad         04 14 2016


Staring outward past your eyes I looked inside

When I’m lying out cold stripped of my beliefs

When I’m sad she comes apart from all those things

Staring out into the hills the eyes are dim


Will be upon its only world at any length

Staring through pieces of condemnation

Will be filled with us and lost in dolls and agonies

Staring outward past your eyes I look inside


So why was mama’s dream cold and took the soldier

Will be rotting in blood, it’s your contributions

So down and free your dreams, cold wind ill depriving

Will be fading – start to us, digging for nothing


Staring out through why you’re afraid inside

Staring out into the hills and down, eyes are dim

When I sleep I’m on the double side of things

When I’m near you know why your – are infinite things



Turner Hall                       2016 0406 Nelson Jenstad


Hi my name’s hows it going

And I’m emotionally flawed


I tried to talk to you

And you said talk to god


We bend and break up

All the time refuse to make up


Hey my name’s hows it going

Days like these can stop a clock


When did all these people here

Crowd into this room?


Nice to meet ya buddy hey

Hows everybody doin?


My name’s how’s it going now

The thoughtful ones are strewn


Neighbors house is upside down

And everything is ruined


Toss and turners big convention

Fractured town by night


Daylight burns but underground

You see in dimmest light



She Don’t Care         Nelson Jenstad  04/02 2016  (Lyrics for Song)


Yeah well everything you try and do

And all day long (you crying fool)

And she don’t need no hear no more

And she knows it – yeah and she don’t care


Your waiting up with flowers, hope and

shes won’t come till you stop moping

She want time make her mind up

Wasting time cant stop the world


Yeah she wont let you know that she don’t care

Yeah she wont let you know that she don’t care


A painted stranger fancy cars and

Hide the boys who smash guitars

Well bring a time that changes courses

Bearing all the primal forces


–         she won’t let you know that she don’t care

she won’t let you know that  she don’t care



Only Came to Rest                          N. Jenstad  04/02 2016


Only came to rest

Do not analyze on this beautiful day

And you can ask me

But I’m not pushing fear, you know?


Defenseless, ravaged

Slowly drink in my dim door

The tear stained dancer

Now I’m taken over


Only came to rest

The static forever needs no faith

Between all ages reach

Lay me down to rest


No reasons for the fool

No love left for success

No static in the spool

Only came to rest



Forgetful Blue                   03/31/2016  N. Jenstad


Quiet and the poets pen, words of raging seas

Tell her on and on

Those dear to you

And set free this next one

You’ll feel sad –  I’ll feel blue


And the bastards go through life

From a thousand faces

So much forgetfulness

I slowly drift apart

Bastard son of dying life


Spin me from something to be good

Tell her on and on

Quiet that they always wanted

Whispers spin me around

So slow I drift apart – this land we are fading



Someday I                   03/30 2016 Nelson Jenstad


Welcome home to curtain call forth the fire again

C’mon now I didn’t know you, the underworld we fade

Welcome all collapse tonight, the new millennium of brave

A blind belief always talking  – what do you do?


For the sake of night, fearsome no beasts up there at all

C’mon now I can’t make this up, your love willful rising

Welcome in fire the human beings try not to fall again

Thunder and lightening my heart of magazines


But someday I can feel you from beyond

Someday I can feel you from beyond

Someday someday I can feel you from beyond

someday I can feel you from beyond



Cast My Way                   Nelson Jenstad  2016  03/30


Next stop

Bring the goodbye


Now a bit

like buildings


high walls

face the street


your industry

left abandoned


mercy range

cast my way



Dark Road                                    Nelson Jenstad 2016 03/30


Hey suppose the long road

Beyond your borders

where there ain’t  much

more to go


Suppose the party ended

And your left beside the road

Just to walk into forever

where shadows fly and grow?


Suppose over the hills

come the self delusion white

she’ the moon above

and she fly with razored spite


and suppose that promised land

you said for sure before last night

and just last night you said again

but I am perfectly content


had that nightmare before

been to infernal dark abode

where were you O mighty one?

Walking down that road

Wings of Restless Dreams                      Nelson Jenstad   03/30/2016

On wings of restless dreams
you must still fly high

If you cling to fear
the beast will never die

the lord of chaos shall provide
himself a single strike

indifference rules the streets
and gold will disappoint

it ain’t that hard to keep your cool
your no good without control

and out of the abyss
I’m glad that you are flying high



The Solvers                03/28/2016  Nelson Jenstad


Don’t cross my ship and crew

No joker on the ground

Breeding ailments for war

And seeks refuge at my door


And on your decks aware

A singer smiles acidic

And everyone’s who breathes the air

inebriated crush and panic


ions blasting in the sails

and both sides of the seams

caustic kids are making useless deals

but no one dares to crush our dreams


both sides shook my ears

ask for days and get flowers

the fleet no longer here

to think they fought the problem solvers



No Longer Soon                 Nelson Jenstad   03 28 2016


Counting every second hand

Don’t leave me here to die

Counting down the pieces

Wondering I’m wondering


Oh oh between me and reason

No way to rest, until the drums

Until the drums


No longer soon

We won’t rest until the drums

and all the pieces adding up

and every beat and every second


counting every second hand

I can’t just leave you here

Counting every beat and reason


Between tomorrow

Me and reason

Running scared on

Shreds of reason



Winters Tell                         Nelson Jenstad 03/28/2016


A million winters this summer

And wars pretend to hide the ruins

I am the light breeze

that uncover human bones


so many hurting words

– this is a space ship –

like a horse within the fire stirs

white pony dares the foggy slip


I am the king of the law of broken bones


you met your universe

you hang your souvenirs

you hate the things of theirs

pretending won’t reveal the source


what nation set us on this course?

Just nations people mean us well

King of broken bones is cursed

And how winters stories tell


While Tears              Nelson Jenstad  3/28/2016

A long time things made sense
God, God, stand next to you
I thought I was pretty smart
Now my heart cries out

Whiled away with tears
I never met a liar
So much as life on earth
Storm clouds filled with tears



Next Titles:

You’ll Deny the Stranger
O Industry
‘till its done
Johnny Blaze’s Birthday 
Mercy Word
Tote Bag
Hidden Sun
I Confess




You’ll Deny the Stranger            Nelson Jenstad  2016  03/27 


When Father Time

announced you

at the workplace


you wished your

own best friend

return by train or grey or car


riding on the high wind

you better get prepared

the stranger still knows from afar


and Father Time denies

you reach damnation

run palomino, from the tidal wave


you’re on that bus

and now it’s ten years later

I’ve watched in pain and everything you’ve done


You can’t deny,

That your just faced with danger

of damnation, when your father dies



O Industry                               03/27/2016  Nelson Jenstad


The stamp of industry is on us

And still you have a beautiful tone

The bizarre world industry

A birth from heaven sent


Aint no ordinary cars

We shall obey

And cannot flee

Captured my soul, industry


Remember all in sleepless dream

Just want my own thoughts

Stop the scream

Oh industry


Like like like Its not like the city

Or black hole tragedy

it already is

has me down o industry


‘till its done                  3/26/2106  Nelson Jenstad


‘till it’s done

your banner, found it on the lawn

till it’s done

but its been raining

it’s futile on the ground

-we may not last

at your front door

the girls’  prayers

are not in vain

till it’s done

and promises

are plans we can not keep

till it rains

the banner waves

and everyone is gone

everything that’s done



Johnny Blaze’s Birthday                      Nelson Jenstad   03/25/2016


Can’t wait for words

Have a happy birthday

And peace and all of that

Take the sun ablaze ablaze alblaze


She fell in love again

With his spectacular pain

Fed up and loathing sunny eyes

Hear the whisper change change change


A haunting page of plentitude

Cut from the curtain drawn

Of two people;s hearts there drawn

Feelin and reborn and unpurely spawn


Can’t wait for words

Have a happy birthday now

And peace and all of that

Take the sun ablaze ablaze alblaze



Mercy Word                      Nelson Jenstad  03/24/2016


I know I know I know

I was digging on your lies

Made myself so wrong

And moving through the grief


And hey you told me

there’s no meaning from here

no mercy for fate

no compassion for fear


I know I know I know

No meaning comes from here

Maybe some compassion?

words echo in my ear                          (basis of song “Patience Angel”)



Tote Bag                       Nelson Jenstad  03/24/2016


If I’d ever leave this place

I’d know better

I’d know better



But that’s all left to them

I’d never leave this place

But that’s all disappear

and out and out this place

But that’s all that time

and time and space

But nothing oh yeah

Let you leave this place


You must realize

caught up at the door

weep and stand there

with a tote bag like before



Hidden Sun                     Nelson Jenstad  03/25/2016


Turn up hidden sun

Don’t turn away

Turn up the hidden sun

You turn us to day


Locked out of the cage

Liquid memory displayed

Lights from heaven lay

On green and pleasant land


There is no ecstasy

When you hit the cage

Apocalyptic wars

Oblivious from space


Apocalyptic torment

In my future fall

The skin of what you say

And we all move to lose


Still the lights of heaven

The hawkers down to far

The magic throne, see the court

Somewhere in a star



I Confess                                     3/23/2016  #17  Nelson Jenstad


Boy of disbelief

And attitude

Just have to know

What cut your soul?


cut from the sun’s

handsome  son?

A hammer hearted victim

Put her right in shock


It was no joke

to test the sun

laugh under your breath

to young to ride


your bittersweet days

sun’s too bright

glint in your eye

make you change against your mind


man of disbelief

told her respect

the world moves

man, I must change


I gotta do

What burning bolts command

Just don’t wanna be

Lost to the road


What every boy

And I looked

As you fell

in disastrous ways


So better days

To trade away

those wondrous tales

Confess my ways


next titles

open hand
pin the suit
ring like coins
hey wake up
hold the leash
its okay to live
beyond today
no dreams
dreams of night
pray to die in vain
meet on missing
make amends
desolation highway
gone too far
every precious flower


Open Hand                         3/2016  Nelson Jenstad


My open hand

Caters to your cries

a tormented god

Life lived to survive


Your opened eyes

Never forget

Is it enough?

To explain my mind


My open hand

Might let you think

You own your mind

well, a dragon claimed the day



Pin the Suit                               by Nelson Jenstad March 23, 2016


Be ready those the ones who care

Erase the kingdom of this truth that is not yours

Given signs of lizard brains and feel my grief

Always playin too much, but is it real enough for you?


Vengeance so what they,  did she go?

—- too much damn tv

Vengeance shines through my label –

— tells me on tv

Vengeance upon those you’ve got

— raped by rejects

Vengeance will be too real

— like characters on tv


sick joke takes you ‘cause in hollow skies

desire pulls your strings to see you are shy

you just couldn’t resist,  and longing for a rest

desire tied to teaching, to see them all – goodbye


Now you are not around showing everyone fooled

But you’re not so precious send off on a cruise

Mankind’s fault to drag us through all hallows eve

It’s making steam ships profit overseas



Ring Like Coins                                                                   3/2016  Nelson Jenstad


Do you feel the way it was, thinking of his name

I fight forgotten lies, through with what’s his name

Fight for your disease, then wanna kiss your mind

All the zeros ring, like coins malicious game


You splattered all my lies, I know the sky is blue

And on the road ahead, you were thirty something then

A fisherman and ruler, the shaking in the rooms

Speak to catch perfections eye, and dodge the rushing threat


I didn’t know what day it was, was thinking of a name

I figured out your daddy was, well, leaving that behind

What in God’s name kissing rings, in some malicious game

I know this blue sky open lie, yeah, leaving that behind



Hey Wake Up                                                       3/23/2016  Nelson Jenstad


It don’t take your dreams’ dreams

Stained and raw shadows still remain

Not one drop you touch your angry press

Ministry of war that cold hearts go to


Get downtown oh you concrete pirate

Cut the mortal coil to the grime

Gone over me I lay the drop of death

Facing down drunk in some flower bed


It don’t matter the man’s gone over me

The mind turns off and stem to stern you rotter

March diseased, the mall you entertained

Like some drunken pirate battle you once craved


Now your eyes, complete and open wide

Breaking free you see your heart today

One second changed our special guest today

Open your eyes cause I’m leaving you complete



Hold the Leash                                      3/22/2016  Nelson Jenstad


I know were getting closer every wish

I know the leash slip from your hands

I know she said she do her best

Yeah yeah you’ll hold your life now in your hands


Recover from the breaking tide

A kingdom paper in your hands

The heartless stab me are just workers

My boring mind recover time


But now you say the red flag up ahead

I’m looking too I’m looking too

I learned the leash from your hands

Back by the edge I’m slippin, too



It’s okay to live                                             3/22/2016 N. Jenstad


Can you hang in space

Throw another day

And the rhymes of the big man

Got no respect this hungry world


Throw me like a chain

To the wayside

This planet, not the same

Still knows what the deal is.


Its okay to live

Except you say you steal

Throw another moment

It’s a lonely world tonight


I used to know what we were worth

tales of losing you one day

I think a soul when its found

It’s dream baby, you know I love you



No Dreams                                                                     3/22/2016 Nelson Jenstad


You don’t ever want to sleep

But dreams can hold you in her arms

You might love me but your tired

And dreams divide and sages rule


If you got burned before the nightmares

A lousy method left you cold

You found a little shop of laughter

I don’t wanna go back to sleep anymore


The days that ought to be reflected

Today wont reach until tomorrow

No turning back until tomorrow

You better not or you’ll get burned




Dreams of Night                                                                 3/22/2016  Nelson Jenstad


I can’t sleep in the deepest of a thousand winter nights

But drowning in dreams of night, I won’t do as they say


Buried and bumming, you stare right through your phone

Remind. How you, so full of sweetest charms,


Alive and buried under dreams of sleepless nights

Swept by a flood, still I won’t do as they say


The phrase is heard, though you did not agree

The dreams of night might carry me away



die in vain                                                                     3/2016  Nelson Jenstad


Like a good year without a heartland union town

Stir up a new world, don’t you worry

And the ghost hotel was tumbling down

I don’t want to hear you say it. I’m in a hurry.


Maybe this fight – over before it began

Soaked in brine and sick in vain

Frat boy gladiator circling the drain

Shoulda never took that drink again


Get a taste of the steel your moving

Don’t get complacent because you know

If they ever catch you, and they’re all searching

Your ghost will pray to die in vain


Meet on Missing                                                 3/2016 N Jenstad

I would stumble the hardest

Having nowhere to run

No freezing smile

Taken to the drowning cure


What I expected

Calling from the cure

No way of going easy

Meeting you are missing


I would stumble now the hardest

In shock and freezing smile

We might meet on missing

Caught in a dream


Light the birthday candle

Stagger in the storm

No reason to smile

I’ll always follow you


And in my alter ego

Buts its far too dark to run

And nowhere anyway

But we might meet on missing


Make Amends                                                                       3/2016  N. Jenstad

And I push against the ground

And the salt it stings my eyes

And man I’ll find my way tomorrow

And I could hang on until tomorrow


Oh on these avenues and highways

If I could just break free away

Salt stings my redemption

And the Southern sky stares back at me


And fall slow motion to the ground

Can you try and make amends?

Oh baby try again tomorrow

Holding on a single day


And here, something serious

humanity so mighty

enough to make amends

Yeah you wanted it said

Every Precious Flower March 21, Nelson Jenstad

In forests nocturnal by my rage and despair

And you can’t sleep and every tear you cried

Oh but can you play again by the seaside

From this day on digging deeper than you ever  tried


From gold and silver, freedom moves their graves aside

Just take the car and make it to the edge of night

Try to reach the blank face mower tears and hide

Wake up tomorrow like it never crossed your mind


Why can’t you speak the play your lines deceit

From this day on the play I am redeemed

Say you gotta work all day tomorrow

That’s okay escape the forests sorrow


In red and gold you sparkle unknown power

And surge and raise your voice to cry the hour

And speak the pressure drop and try to hide

Wake up again like every precious flower


Gone Too Far March 21 2016 Nelson Jenstad

That life away will get you back again.

Roamed a vast amount of time and land

Gone too far to get you back again

Where I was away or when  I can


Waiting there on  the rest her tears

Memory of happiness to tears

You’d turn a deluge of her tears

And become the flesh you  would not understand



Reach that night and ink your name for sale

Return to live and hold a home in crime

To think that you saved  – you cannot hide

Funny how quiet has drained your way back again


That you’d be gone forever high in me to tears

That you’re joking that you’d be here with no tears

That you’re about it, breaks love to bitter tears

Oh funny face how you’de be back right here


Desolation Highway                                                         March 21 2016 Nelson Jenstad


Sometimes you can see it written

Where forever just little something

Golden secrets one see through nothing

And fallen angels die within


Permanence is an illusion

Write your name in wet cement

Maybe just another coffee

But he loves you, your sole reply


Greed seemed like a good idea

And the tombstone doesn’t lie

A lot bridges you have burned

A spirit’s honor you have earned


And I gotta tell you one thing

Take a Sunday morning ride

Its just laundry and the dead dreaming

Along Desolation Highway



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