More and recent poetry from Nelson Jenstad for the “ontoLand Collection”



My issues with sand 02 08 21 nj

My issues with sand

I see desert sand dunes

sculpted by the thoughtless wind

into perfect jet stream art

but blasting sand has etched my soul from sight

antique finish so worn and bleached from blight

was never easy to hold the door against the wind

the tragic force that changes day to night

the quiet breath that sighs beneath the eyes

It’s never easy when once so full of life

– and that sands of change, well my hands so dry again

stand there calling from the hill tonight

really, you know that deaf ears have fallen from great height

some birds lift off and fly over the neighbors security light

At home the sand falls from my jeans cuffs

I am loath to try and pick it up

Like the mess that follows where I go

like the book that I had meant to read.

The blue blue paint was worn away

my house the side of my mind that’s wind-whipped clean

the dreams that mattered most rose to the sky

I can’t tell you. There’s nothing there that can tell I’ve seen.

Out On The Bay 02 07 21 nj

Is it slow to spend the afternoon out on the bay?

The Sunday spell that time is free to give away

the gray sky scowls and a chill air blows

The murk of water is actually pretty scary

This little boat with chippy paint

the waters buoyant dancing never ceasing

I’m pretty far out beyond the point I have to say

bruising clouds have taken over the day

No, I’ll be fine I better start the little motor now

I don’t see a single soul on the water now

I brought a thermos but I think

I just wait on that ‘till get back.

Lateness nj 02 07 2021

Cursed to stitch a weave that makes no sense

the solution really doesn’t care

the atmosphere heavy again on the ears

I kneel in the wind of possession I hold fast

The sun is the truth that won’t relent

our little selves find it hard to wake up

and the sky, as I pace within these walls

no turning back and sorrow is no help

I guessed it right but didn’t act

no time to weep, and lost a friend

I did not see you when there was a chance

my time I’ve lost away from truth

My corrupted heart and mind with lies

If I could cut to peaceful slumber

I curse the vines that will not catch me

yet insatiate, forever is the face with gentle eyes.

Where will I be? nj 02 05 2021

Where will I be

when the cold winds blow

where will be when I am sad and nervous?

Staring out of that praise, how I’m afraid inside

so wild the distance my friend

and the world at any length

When I’m overwhelmed

I’ll come apart from all these things.

Staring out at the hills and down my eyes dim

like the soldier faces winter winds and holds

those stirring depths and shadows for someday later

staring out fading, but strong to hold inside

Where will I go?

it was mama’s dream to get back home

that wild distance takes the long way to fade

sit down and let the dream go

cold wind ill depriving.

So then, just enough when I was near you.

High on Keeling Bluff nj 02 02 2021

Snow drifted high up on Keeling Bluff

I won’t speak about what already happened

Laying flat on that floor within inches of the blue

forever just another, you better speak up soon

By the thought my knees are gonna give

the lies always come and stare through sights to stay

like flying to the slab and layin’ flat upon that floor

I’m done runnin’ but I thought I had something altogether different

Where’s the one that’s who I am?

I won’t speak about that day. Come on, just to be free?

Find some shelter up on Keeling Bluff

somewhere warm waves kiss the shore

That room, that isn’t me upon the floor

please don’t color me from outer space again

Just like you ache knowing she won’t be taken

I’m giving all I was, and playing with delusions

Seasons chew through what is left of all of us

but she flew deep into and past the freezing blue

the little king and queen their crown in trade for change

I am not the same but where’s the stranger one I am?

Nearly Almost Never nj 01 29 2021

Many many agree I’ve never met.

Swamp gas lights the future wet cement

Lazers sweep deserted seas

high tech speeding craft

which are nearly almost never seen

not an unreasonable request

Who took an oath and laughed it off

Who means the words dont matter

A promise and oh well and then you see like your word, you just dont matter.

What the hell is that?

What good is trusting certain facts

Trusted works all done and sealed

and then just throw it at the wall,

just like a spoiled child?

sure, alien swamp gas lights the way

And gaslight falsely warms their souls

You really, deeply, know whats true

So why would you let some gaseous liar

Steer your ship into the

cold and rocky shoals?

Thorn        nj 01 29 2021

I put my weapons down

and watch the horizon

The big-mouth giant will come along

and eat the clouds

If could rewind to spend my days

so I wouldn’t have to live with the calamity

and walk the sand and seaside lines

a carefree recess that heaven signs off for me

well hey just have to live with it

the silent eyes up above so high

crazy cowboys playing games all night

just for a selfish show, devours us, our numbers

The halls where we could forge a way

and a thorn in my side and mud in my eye

thousands lost and well then there you go

slip away and forget about a moment bright

Left for dead nj 01 28 2021

Left for dead

Don’t know you from Adam

string of lies’

evenin’ madam

Straight from the heart

straight to the gut

Left in the lurch

Stuck in a rut

A chance by to say

Posture and grace

Stand your ground

May I have this dance

World is spinning

Visitors winning

Back to the basics

special training

 The Eyes of The Sun            NJ 01 28/2021

The eyes of the sun couldn’t care less

our cheapness names of country stars

creeping shadows cross the dead eye dreams of dollars

until we walk the storms of mars

and I have walked through fire

aeons passed the long forgotten corridors

and rivers littered with broken cheap guitars

only then the names my 45’s give you receive

Lead me out. These seasons rife with cries

and doubts of yearbooks by the carload.

sailing forgotten through aeons and mountains

and the beauty in the falls. The river falls. Hush now.

 Forever nj 01 26 21

Holding a candle to the moon,

summer was melting away.

the gentle touch of coolness

breezed beyond the tides and campfires.

I could fall into a reverent sleep.

but the games are still

washing up in waves of laughter

like the night sea

I sit by the dying fire

to think of nothing

just to be.

To a life less broken,

to the flow of days,

oh well anyway

Forever is no place to be, really.

Sweet nj 01 27 2021

There was something I had hoped you’d see

Even though I’m in over my head

You among all, there was no-way you’d survive

but instead awakened to see the sun again.

There was something in it I had hoped you’d see.

Really, there isn’t much to tell.

Just stay on the list.

Mysteries were turned to dust.

I know it’s sad, it’s pretty little to offer

but there was room in some fresh air to breath

and of the infinite sky, to sail if on a pen and ink

or on some tropical breeze

but there to stop and hide from the world

just for a minute to rest, to drop off to sleep

just for a while, even though only in my head

and awaken to a sunrise again

yeah, that’d be sweet.

Really knew but never said nj 01252021

Danger is following us, say, like fire in the hands of trolls

they’re closing in and you’re fast asleep in the wheelhouse

I am hidden in the tile, say, like the numbers man

who in the frail desert where the gods palm feed their clan

innocent? No chance. You hear the opponents rants

taunting they invaded lands

insanity and hunger dance lurks like ad-men in suits.

Danger coming out loud from the forgotten thoughts.

Once you knew the truth but tuned it out.

Geometric soothing shapes in floating solitude

remote, as hope is lost beyond the foggy boats.

Danger on the kids, say, like you really knew but never said

the earth is innocent as the stage the trolls take

I hope you’ll take care nj01262021

A ghost made quiet promises while we waited

Hey man. There’s a reason to pay to be answered

I hope you’ll take care, do what you can about that hunger

The promise of heaven or just somewhere on the side is okay

Behind your head is that ghost, that insecurity

The sinking feeling is just normal and sort of sweet

The meaning of tears about to start, before you set sail

If us modern folk where halfway honest

instead of ghosts behind our heads we’ve never paid

The city over there isn’t too bad, but it’s a process

what the effin’ hell is wrong with those people?

insecure I guess. I hope you’ll take care.


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