Safety’s Danger

Danger and Safety.

Okay, just can’t, just can’t stop doing the arts work. That would be like stopping a fruit tree from baring fruit – it shouldn’t be done, or that would mean the tree is killed.

So “Danger”.

But all I really want to do is keep producing art/music media works. I envision profound stage works that blow minds on a large scale.

I must work to survive.

“Safety” and although it is mostly annoying, the grind of reality often informs my visions in art. No, not directly on the nose *pow!* no. It is a sense of respect for others doing the similar path.

“Win the Lottery”

Danger lurks if things are too easily begotten. Motivation drains away and life’s hedonistic pleasures beckon at poolside.

Is life fatalistic enough that a balance is found and lessons are learned?

Is that a question,?

Is this a question?



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