OntoLand in the Works

I’ve gotten a request and some other ideas.

Stardate 09/22/2018.  My old friend Don and Jim’s Music in Tustin, CA says “Hey Nels, put your blues jam back together and go on C4OC Radio in a couple -a weeks or so. Yeah I’m thinking, that would be a lot of fun! Don says, get good players, not a “student type thing, but good players” and I’m still thinking that would be a blast. Blues jams and turnarounds with cats who know where to put it. Yeah, that would be a blast.


Item number 2.

The Ontoland Goners. This project in the research and development stage will get it’s own page here at ontoland.com.

Okay okay, I wont just leave you, dear reader, off in the total dark and unknown, but this is not the blues project as mentioned above. This is something more of a harder dream pop, but is still very much “ontoland” but not the ambient part (which is, rest assured, continuing).

— — — — — — — —

Post this as a done gig!  (July 18th 2018, OC Fair)

Macklynn Flannery played his Jazzmaster and brilliant pedal array – spacial and profound! Jake Getz played huge bass lines like giant foundational blocks of concrete. Nelson Jenstad guitar (R. Giordano Signature Strat) and vocal on all original OntoLand songs. Yes, this music is not intended to be safe and “normal”. lol!

Guest artists Jake Getz (Bass) from Moss! and Macklyn Flannery (Guitar) from his band Swim Gustavo.

We are performing OntoLand Project Musical Creations.